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Re: [libextractor] Regarding libextractor

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [libextractor] Regarding libextractor
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 06:55:15 -0500
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What is the exact crash message?  I suspect you did not link against
libextractor and you get a symbol resolution error.  What does
"ldd -r yourbinarynamehere" say?  And which OS is this?  You might
also want to try to follow the steps described in the linuxjournal article
(linked from LE homepage).

Happy hacking!


Zitat von Yogesh <address@hidden>:
> Hi Sir,
> I am trying to use library "libextractor" to extract the key-words from the
> file. I am using it in my 'c' program, but I am getting access violation
> error for this statement
> "EXTRACTOR_ExtractorList *extractors = EXTRACTOR_loadDefaultLibraries();"
> This is the first statement in my "main" function.
> Can you please help me? Is there any other step I have to do before calling
> "EXTRACTOR_loadDefaultLibraries"
> Thanks,
> Yogesh
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