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[libextractor] Compiling on OpenBSD 3.8

From: Chan Siu Ming
Subject: [libextractor] Compiling on OpenBSD 3.8
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2006 07:22:26 -0000

Tried to compile 0.5.11 on OpenBSD 3.8. After some struggling compilation succeeded, but "make check" still fails. Anyway, some random notes:
- libtool is good to have
- OpenBSD doesn't have "-ldl", but in src/main/ the dlflag variable (with "-ldl") is included pretty much forcibly
- OpenBSD doesn't have EOVERFLOW. Maybe ERANGE could be used to convey the meaning? (in src/plugins/tarextractor.c)
- OpenBSD 3.8 doesn't have stdint.h and the stuff in exiv2 exv_conf.h doesn't work correctly for this (needs to #undef EXV_HAVE_STDINT_H), although in config.h HAVE_STDINT_H is #undeffed as it should. This is probably because #ifdef is used in types.hpp instead of #if
- OpenBSD 3.8 also doesn't have CODESET in langinfo.h (used in about three places.) I'm not sure how to cleanly overcome this.
- OpenBSD doesn't have strndup, but that was already fixed according to the ml
- for some reason, convert.a is linked with a static version of libiconv.a, so that convert.a ends up containing convert.o and libiconv.a, which confuses the linker, because archives aren't supposed to contain other archives. Removed the ICONV stuff from convert_la_LDFLAGS in some Makefiles and it seemed to get past that.


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