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[libextractor] EXTRACTOR_getDefaultLibraries failing

From: Vazquez, Jose SPAWAR
Subject: [libextractor] EXTRACTOR_getDefaultLibraries failing
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 08:49:28 -0700

 Hi Christian and Vids,
I'm trying to install FOSSology 0.7.0 in a virtual machine running Ubuntu Hardy server edition that had libextractor-dev and libextractor-plugins version 0.5.18a-2 installed.  At run time one of the applications makes a call to EXTRACTOR_getDefaultLibraries and the call is failing every time.  Why will that call ever fail?  By looking at the libextractor code, I can see that there are some default libraries defined.
I was able to install and run FOSSology 0.7.0 in another virtual machine running Ubuntu Hardy desktop edition with the same libraries as the other virtual machine.  The only difference between the machines is the edition of the OS.
Any help will be appreciated.
Jose Vazquez

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