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CVS libidn

From: libidn-commit
Subject: CVS libidn
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 00:19:23 +0100

Update of /home/cvs/libidn
In directory dopio:/tmp/cvs-serv21560

Modified Files:
Log Message:

--- /home/cvs/libidn/NEWS       2005/12/01 23:14:30     1.282
+++ /home/cvs/libidn/NEWS       2005/12/01 23:19:22     1.283
@@ -7,8 +7,9 @@
 ** A C# port of Libidn has been added, contributed by Alexander Gnauck.
 The port resides in the csharp/ directory.  Configure will build it if
 it can find a working C# compiler; Mono's "mcs" is known to work
-(available in Debian in the "mono-mcs" package).  No further
-documentation is available at this point.
+(available in Debian in the "mono-mcs" package) but PNET's "cscc"
+should also work (available in Debian in the "pnet" package).  No
+further documentation is available at this point.
 ** Support shared libraries on Cygwin and Mingw32, thanks to Yaakov S.

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