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[SCM] GNU Libtool annotated tag, v2.2.7b, created. v2.2.7b

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: [SCM] GNU Libtool annotated tag, v2.2.7b, created. v2.2.7b
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 00:00:42 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Libtool".

The annotated tag, v2.2.7b has been created
        at  13412c2e2dfe7a720483c8d1dc98ca21c13c0483 (tag)
   tagging  99da5501fcca20d7cab7f328e223c7520c1a6701 (commit)
  replaces  v2.2.6
 tagged by  Gary V. Vaughan
        on  Fri May 21 06:26:53 2010 +0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
release 2.2.7b
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Akim Demaille (7):
      Fix copyright notice.
      Clean space uses.
      Normalize compiler output due to compiler wrappers.
      Fix func_exec_init.
      Fix bootstrap with older libtool.m4 in reach of aclocal.
      Fix cwrapper warnings from MSVC 2005.
      libtool: clean libconftest.a.

Alan Hourihane (1):
      Improved support for FreeMiNT.

Alexandre Oliva (1):
      Fix verbose link extraction for multiply reconfigured GCC.

Alexei Sheplyakov (1):
      Fix cross compilation with wine for the case SHELL != bash.

Alon Bar-Lev (2):
      Ignore .exe files.
      Fix func_win32_libid for 64-bit Windows.

Andreas Schwab (1):
      Remove remaining references to CVS.

Bob Friesenhahn (1):
      Don't load from current directory by default.

Bruno Haible (1):
      Fix cwrapper argument mangling on w32.

Charles Wilson (16):
      Add func_win32_import_lib_p.
      Fix --verbose option; add new --no-{silent|quiet|verbose} options.
      Minor cygwin cleanup
      [cygwin|mingw] Fix compile warnings when -std=c89.
      Add tests for cwrapper with -std=c89 and -std=c99
      [cygwin|mingw] cwrapper cleanups.
      Add -Wall to cwrapper tests.
      Improve compatibility with older automake
      Remove unneeded functions and options from cwrapper
      Add alias for obsoleted AC_LIBTOOL_RC macro.
      Finish adding alias for obsoleted AC_LIBTOOL_RC macro.
      [mingw] Improve sys_lib_search_path_spec detection.
      Enable runtime cwrapper debugging; add tests
      Add --lt-* options to shell wrapper
      Document wrapper changes.
      Guard against strerror()==NULL

Chris Demetriou (1):
      Sort output of 'find' to enable deterministic builds.

Dave Korn (1):
      Control where win32 DLLs get installed.

Eric Blake (3):
      Avoid gcc warning.
      ChangeLog: fix whitespace.
      Allow gcc builds with -Wall -Werror.

Gary V. Vaughan (9):
      Set SCM version number to 2.2.7a.
      forgot to commit NEWS file
      Enable release procedure to work with lzma OLDRELEASE file.
      Add untested git push conflict testing to commit script.
      Retire news.html in favour of savannah news.
      Add ./commit option for pushing tags back to origin.
      Use `-version-info 9:0:2' for one added iface since 2.2.4.
      Skip some tests in --disable-ltdl-install mode.
      Prepare for next release candidate.

Ingo Weinhold (1):
      Support for the Haiku operating system.

Jeff Squyres (1):
      New test for bogus lt_dlopen error message.

Kurt Roeckx (1):
      lt_dlopenext sets error upon successful library load.

Lennart Poettering (1):
      Shut up prototype warnings with recent GCC and -Wstrict-prototypes.

Michael Haubenwallner (1):
      Fix checks for unsupported allow_undefined_flag.

Mike Frysinger (1):
      Fix typo in libtool install mode documentation.

Mike Gorchak (1):
      Fix versioning computation for QNX.

Paolo Bonzini (9):
      Avoid that autom4te complains about unexpanded macros.
      Run sh.test on the M4sh source.
      Use documented M4sh interfaces.
      Fix quoting when config.status generates libtool config.
      Separate part of _LT_SETUP into other macros, detect ECHO sooner.
      Implement $ECHO with print -r, printf or cat in a shell function.
      Do not use $ECHO within eval-ed `...`, as %s\\n becomes %s\n.
      Fix manual typo.
      Fix inadvertent commit.

Peter O'Gorman (6):
      Don't run compiler checks twice.
      Use darwin's -force_load flag if available for whole_archive_flag_spec
      Fix redirect in test case.
      Only use preopen loader to load preopened archives
      Update libltdl version to match 2.2.6b release.
      Ranlib is required with -force_load and fat archives.

Peter Rosin (21):
      Fix flakey mdemo-dryrun test on MSYS (again!)
      Unify line endings in localization test.
      Merge branch 'pr-tests-newline-fixes'
      Expand exit status test in LT_AT_NOINST_EXEC_CHECK correctly
      AWK is required, make sure it is set.
      Make modified libtool script in cwrapper test executable
      Don't settle for any dumpbin/link program as name lister.
      LT_OUTPUT should always create the libtool script.
      Make -Wc,FLAG behave like -Xcompiler FLAG in link mode.
      func_win32_libid doesn't work with MS dumpbin
      Fix cross build issue in execute mode test.
      Please C++ compilers when calling strrchr.
      * libltdl/ltdl.c (file_not_found): Fix typos in code comment.
      * libltdl/ltdl.c (lt_dlerror): Remove meaningless conditional.
      Use GetErrorMode if it is available.
      Report proper errors from the loadlibrary loader.
      * tests/ Fix C++ issues.
      Testsuite exposure for dlloader API.
      Use Get/SetThreadErrorMode if they are available.
      Preserve the last error when restoring the error mode.
      Clarify versioning algorithm documentation.

Pierre Ossman (1):
      Fix deplibs check fallback for 64-bit Windows and Windows CE.

Rainer Emrich (1):
      Fix cross compilation for HPPA/64 with a BSD file command.

Ralf Wildenhues (100):
      Man pages for libtoolize and libtool, --help-all.
      Atomic shared library install permissions on HP-UX.
      Fix Autoconf 2.59 incompatibilty.
      Fix typo in libtoolize error message.
      Parallel make fix in testsuite.
      Update to GFDL 1.3.
      Simplify cwrapper handling a bit.
      Do not use `test ... -a ...'.
      Use -no-undefined in install tests.
      Fix archive_cmds for older cc on HP-UX 11.
      Fix execute mode test to actually expose cwrapper failures.
      Skip sys_lib_search_path on systems without libz.
      Fix $ECHO abuse exposed by recent patch.
      Check for bogus aclocal.m4 contents in bootstrap and dist-hook.
      Ensure $ac_aux_dir is initialized for LIBTOOL_DEPS.
      Fix match patterns for cegcc*.
      Fix matching of Sun Fortran compiler on Linux.
      Revenge of the $ECHO. Kill most uses of Xsed.
      No need to prepend $progname with './'.
      Replace uses of $SED $basename.
      Avoid newlines in some AT_CHECK commands.
      Fix spacing in ChangeLog entries.
      Fix $ECHO test to not influence other _AS_DETECT_SUGGESTED code.
      Fix import library detection for WinCE.
      No libm in WinCE.
      No trailing period in Autotest test group names.
      Adjust executable run tests to cwrapper changes.
      Relax link-order2 test for systems with partial wrong order.
      Fix expout and experr line ending issues.
      Another missing $EXEEXT in the new testsuite.
      Fix func_infer_tag $ECHO usage; some testsuite exposure.
      Add cache variables to link tests.
      Bump copyright years.
      Another LT_AT_EXEC_CHECK fixup.
      Avoid failure due to Cygwin path detection bug.
      func_version copes with multi-line copyright headers.
      Document --mode short-hands better, and test them.
      Use AT_CHECK more liberally in duplicate members test.
      Nonexistent `main' does not guarantee link failure.
      execute mode: do not transform *.lo or *.la arguments.
      Fix sed script portability issue in func_version.
      install mode: do not pass `-m $install_override_mode' to cp.
      Fix $INSTALL in testsuite with relative path to install-sh.
      Fix sed script in
      New test for lt_dlopenext error message.
      Do not pass $INSTALL via TESTS_ENVIRONMENT.
      Add missing parentheses in the manual.
      Fix low max_cmd_len template test on UnixWare.
      Document INNER_TESTSUITEFLAGS, drop leading space.
      Cope better with missing `makeinfo' in `bootstrap'.
      Fix quoting of eval'ed variable.
      Allow through -tp=* at link time, for pgcc.
      manual: fix grammaros.
      Initial port for BlueGene BG/L.
      Skip localization test when setlocale is not functional.
      libtoolize: ignore trailing junk on scriptversion line.
      Don't pick up double-quotes from /etc/ on Ubuntu.
      testsuite: cope when some installed has been removed.
      testsuite: add missing @LIBS@ in a link command line.
      testsuite: avoid failures due to old Automake.
      Fix testsuite failure of lt_dlopenadvise test on FreeMiNT.
      Fix concurrent extraction of convenience libraries on Darwin.
      Avoid spurious localization testsuite failure on HP-UX/ia64.
      Add versioning tests.
      Remove __oline__ from macros, for less spurious configure diffs.
      Add testsuite exposure for passing of compiler and linker flags.
      Fix failure test in the presence of --with-pic or -prefer-pic.
      Testsuite keyword 'interactive' and check-* rules.
      Fix and split recent testsuite addition for compile/link flags.
      Allow dlopen self test to work with gcc's -fvisibility=hidden.
      Initial support for the Cuda Compiler Driver on Linux.
      Fix quoting of AS, DLLTOOL, and OBJDUMP for the libtool script.
      Improve versioning algorithm documentation.
      Fix func_normal_abspath sed script for Solaris.
      Recognize `pgfortran' as Portland compiler.
      Tighten regex for Portland C++ compiler for version 10.
      Enable symbol versioning with the GNU gold linker.
      Fix bindir and dlopen tests for C++ compilers (CC=g++).
      Test and fix slist.c.
      lt_dlloader_remove and lt_dlloader_find accept const arguments.
      Sane fallback initialization of $ECHO from $as_echo.
      Improve parsing of .la files in libltdl.
      Replace last __oline__ instance.
      Bump copyright years.
      Testsuite exposure for C++ exception handling.
      Testsuite exposure for relative output file names and deplibs.
      Ensure functions from resident modules work in atexit handlers.
      Make testsuite code C++ clean again.
      Use --email with
      manual: fix detailmenu ordering.
      Detect Sun compiler suite with 'sun'-prefixed names.
      Unconditionally normalize LC_ALL, LANGUAGE in libtool script.
      Fix ChangeLog entry.
      Do not use @sc nor @acronym in the manual.
      Fix a couple of documentation errors.
      Fix typo in libtool --help output.
      Fix preloader symbol list declaration in libltdl.
      Add FAQ, and FAQ entry for flags stripped at library link time.
      Use linker_flags not compiler_flags with $LD.
      Fix incompatible struct declarations.

Richard Sandiford (2):
      Build AIX shared libraries with binutils 2.19.50+.
      Fix GNU nm invocation for AIX.

Robert Millan (1):
      Support GNU/kOpenSolaris.

Roumen Petrov (4):
      Fix destdir tests in cross compile mode.
      Add $EXEEXT to all linked programs in the new testsuite.
      Add missing $EXEEXT to java test.
      Fixup 'execute mode' test for w32.

Scott McCreary (1):
      Update search path on Haiku for legacy system directory.

Tim Rice (1):
      Fix C++ template handling for old archives on UnixWare 7.1.4.

Török Edwin (1):
      Do not add bogus directory arguments to link command lines.

Vincent Torri (2):
      Fix func_emit_cwrapperexe_src for WinCE: no errno support.
      Fix C wrapper invocation for ceGCC hosts (cegcc and mingw32ce).

Yaakov Selkowitz (4):
      Use correct export_dynamic_flag_spec for PE-COFF $hosts
      [cygwin] Improve operation with gcc4
      Ensure LT_PATH_LD works when called before LT_INIT
      [CXX] Use correct export_dynamic_flag_spec for PE-COFF $hosts


GNU Libtool

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