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Re: Wrt to Tru64

Subject: Re: Wrt to Tru64
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 05:25:30 -0000

Hai ,

Right now i am having some problem with cvs . I am not able to check out the project so i am sending the patch i created only by downloading the file . I am sorry that i didn't do a cvs diff . But i think this file can be also useful . This patch is basically to enable the export_symbols option for compaq c++ cmplr in the multi language branch .

---     Fri Mar 16 10:53:24 2001
+++ Fri Mar 16 10:59:42 2001
@@ -398,8 +398,11 @@
        allow_undefined_flag=' ${wl}-expect_unresolved ${wl}\*'
archive_cmds='$CC -shared${allow_undefined_flag} $predep_objects $libobjs $deplibs $postdep_objects $compiler_flags ${wl}-msym ${wl}-soname $soname `test -n "$verstring" && echo ${wl}-set_version $verstring` -update_registry ${objdir}/so_locations -o $lib' + archive_expsym_cmds='for i in `cat $export_symbols`; do printf "-exported_symbol " >> $lib.exp; echo "\$i" >> $lib.exp; done; echo "-hidden">> $lib.exp~+ $CC -shared${allow_undefined_flag} $predep_objects $libobjs $deplibs $postdep_objects $compiler_flags -msym -soname $soname -Wl,-input -Wl,$lib.exp `test -n "$verstring" && echo -set_version $verstring` -update_registry ${objdir}/so_locations -o $lib~$rm $lib.exp'

-        hardcode_libdir_flag_spec='${wl}-rpath ${wl}$libdir'
+        hardcode_libdir_flag_spec='-rpath $libdir'

        # Commands to make compiler produce verbose output that lists


From: Alexandre Oliva <address@hidden>
To: "ANEESH KUMAR .K.V" <address@hidden>
CC: address@hidden, address@hidden
Subject: Re: Wrt to Tru64
Date: 16 Mar 2001 00:55:32 -0300

On Jan 16, 2001, "ANEESH KUMAR .K.V" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Is there any chance that i can see the support for archive_expsym_cmds
> for compaq c++ compiler.

Yes, there is.

> I have already send a patch which enables it.

Actually, you sent a number of messages, some of which conflict with
each other, so now I'm confused about which patch I should install.
Would you please post the latest, known-to-work version of your patch,
in case it's still relevant?

Thanks, and sorry about the long delays :-(

Alexandre Oliva   Enjoy Guarana', see
Red Hat GCC Developer                  address@hidden,}
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