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Re: last minute fixes

From: Gary V . Vaughan
Subject: Re: last minute fixes
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 19:03:51 +0100

On Tuesday 24 April 2001  2:05 pm, Thomas Tanner wrote:
> Hi Gary,

Hi Thomas!

> > I am worried about adding such deep changes to the tree just before our
> > first full release in 2 years.  Testing seems to have been moderately
> > successful, so I'd like to release current HEAD as libtool-1.4.
>  Believe me, my patch fixes absolutely apparent bugs in the ILD code I've
>  written, adds some comments and does some renaming. I'm 100% sure that it
>  doesn't break anything. And yes, I will port my changes to MLB very soon.
>  Attached is a new patch without some unnecessary changes.

I think I digressed in my rationale for waiting in my last mail.  I agree 
that the patch is good, and I can follow what you are doing with the various 
parts -- _but_ I don't understand them all well enough to port them to MLB 
with confidence.  I am absolutely commited to minimising the divergence 
between HEAD and MLB, and want to be sure that all commits happen in parallel.

>  I'll document the most important parts of my patch at the end of this
> mail...

Thanks, that helps.

I really don't want to hold up the 1.4 release any longer, so I have a bit of 
a conflict of interests here =(O|  How about this:  I'll commit the parts of 
your patch that I can confidently port to MLB before I roll the release in a 
few hours.  I'll leave anything that I miss for you to commit to branch-1-4 
and HEAD after the 1.4 release and initial MLB merge.

I fully expect to release 1.4.1 within a few weeks with whatever fixes are 
instigated by the inevitable extra testing that follows a full release.  So 
any additional ILD (or other!) work you do after the release won't be left to 
languish in CVS for very long (like we seem to have allowed with ILD).

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