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Re: linking a shared library with -pthread omits -pthread on the link l

From: Max Bowsher
Subject: Re: linking a shared library with -pthread omits -pthread on the link line.
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 22:37:20 -0000

Ossama Othman <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 02:50:09PM -0600, Albert Chin wrote:
>> Because it's different! Actually, it works for everything *except*
>> the C tag. The reason is because we do this:
>>   set dummy $CC
>>   compiler=$2
>> Obviously, if CC="gcc -mno-cygwin", then $2=gcc. The correct solution
>> is:
>>   set dummy "$CC"
>>   compiler=$2
> I'm not against the patch, but shouldn't we educate folks to put
> things like "-mno-cygwin" into the appropriate "FLAGS" variable
> (e.g. CFLAGS) rather than abuse a variable that is meant to only hold
> the compiler name.

The reason I put this into CC not CFLAGS, is that this particular flag
actually turns the compiler into more-or-less a cross-compiler. As such,
"gcc" and "gcc -mno-cygwin" are different compilers as far as the autotools
are concerned. It is therefore critical that gcc is never invoked
without -mno-cygwin, whatever happens to CFLAGS. Therefore I believe my
choice, whilst counter-intuitive, is correct.


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