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Re: better support for AIX 5.1

From: jedwards
Subject: Re: better support for AIX 5.1
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 13:56:40 -0600
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I'm not sure if I understand your question. But lets take the demo directory as an example.

The AIX style shared objects foo.o and hello.o are archived into libhello.a(foo.o) and libhello.a(hello.o) They are also translated into SYSV style shared objects in It is a mistake to archive in libhello.a.

address@hidden wrote:


One other thing I thought of.  When building an AIX style library,
the name of the shared object that gets archived into the lib<>.a
file should not change if you want to maintain binary compatibility.
I can't quite tell if this would be a problem or not in your patch.


From: jedwards <address@hidden>

Attached is a patch to the current cvs of libtool which I believe provides improved support for the AIX 5.1 OS and for AIX style shared libraries using native compilers.

Jim Edwards             address@hidden
IBM Applications Analyst
BOULDER CO 303-497-1842

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