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FYI: test convenience archives; testsuite update

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: FYI: test convenience archives; testsuite update
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 20:19:19 +0200
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* Ralf Wildenhues wrote on Mon, Apr 18, 2005 at 07:08:13PM CEST:
> We need a test for convenience archives: multiple archives, objects not
> pulled in through dependencies.  This has hit us more than once now.

Since this test has done some good, I decided to do it thoroughly.
The patch below contains a convenience test for C, CXX, F77 and GCJ.
Please excuse my total ignorance of java for any errors I introduced
in that test.

Also contained is a rather comprehensive update on the new testsuite
with some new macros: LT_AT_EXEC_CHECK to isolate cross compilation
semantics, LT_AT_TAG to check for TAGs we have active and skip tests

I also decided to make use of the autotest keywords feature and reorder
the tests for some more logic (and have stresstest last).  Can you tell
I'm starting to like autotest?

Futher some bugfixes in the suite:
- consistent use of $CFLAGS etc.
- wildcards/regexes in -export-symbols files are not portable.
- relying on either one of obj.o or .libs/obj.o to exist is not ok.
- link-order had C symbols with dollars in their names and was broken
  in several ways.  I think it's still broken, in a different way.
- LT_AT_BOOTSTRAP is too lenient (it's still after my patch) and
  causes false PASSes of the am-subdir tests (even after my patch).
- disable AT_TESTED invocation because it makes the suite unusable
  on systems without the autotools.

And then I decided to just apply this, because I knew you'd love
(ignore) it anyways.  :-)
Seriously: if there are any issues with the patch, I'd be happy
to discuss/back out.


        * tests/ New.  Test convenience archives.
        *, tests/ Adjust.
        * tests/ Reorder tests.  Suspend AT_TESTED.
        (PREPARE_TESTS): Define EGREP, host, build, LIBTOOL.
        (LT_AT_BOOTSTRAP): Fail if autoreconf fails.
        (LT_AT_EXEC_CHECK): New macro for execution of $build binaries.
        (LT_AT_TAG): New macro to test tag availability or skip test.
        * tests/, tests/, 
        tests/, tests/, tests/
        Use compiler/linker flags consistently.
        * tests/ Fix use of AT_DATA, bogus redirection
        inside AT_CHECK.
        * tests/ Do not use wildcards/regex in symbol files,
        they are not portable.  Use -no-undefined on win32.  Fix to ignore
        compile/link warnings.

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