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Re: Integrating libtool head into GraphicsMagick

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Integrating libtool head into GraphicsMagick
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 09:04:52 +0100
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Hi Bob,

* Bob Friesenhahn wrote on Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 02:55:35AM CET:
> Ralph provided me with some patches to get development libtool 
> integrated into development GraphicsMagick using a non-recursive 
> build, but I have run into a hang-up.  The problem is that libtool 
> tests include code like:
> AC_CHECK_FUNCS([closedir opendir readdir], [], [AC_LIBOBJ([lt__dirent])])
> AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strlcat strlcpy], [], [AC_LIBOBJ([lt__strl])])
> AC_CHECK_FUNCS([argz_append argz_create_sep argz_insert argz_next \
>         argz_stringify], [], [ARGZ_H=argz.h; AC_LIBOBJ([argz])])
> This definition is in (but seems to be ignored):
> # Directory where AC_LIBOBJ replacement files are to be found.
> and the files are indeed directly under 'ltdl', but automake (1.9.6) 
> fails with:
> % automake
> required file `./lt__dirent.c' not found
> required file `./argz.c' not found
> required file `./lt__strl.c' not found
> as if it is assuming the current directory rather than looking in 
> 'ltdl'.
> Looking at libltdl's I see that these files are normally 
> listed in DIST_COMMON but are also in the current directory.  For the 
> case of the non-recursive build, the files live in a subdirectory.
> Does anyone have an idea as to how Automake can be encouraged to look 
> in the right place?

AC_CONFIG_LIBOBJ_DIR needs support from both Autoconf and Automake,
added after 2.59 and 1.9.6 respectively (patches from Gary, added around
2005-04-25).  And yes, libtool.texi documents this for nonrecursive

You may easily work around this in the same way we did in Libtool:
  for file in lt__dirent.c argz.c lt__strl.c; do
    rm -f $file
    cp ltdl/$file $file

And put those in EXTRA_DIST as well.  In Libtool, we allow, at bootstrap
time, to choose whether we want this, and for this snippets in and use the Automake conditional
LTDL_SUBDIR_LIBOBJS.  But you can just include those unconditionally and
be fine.


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