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[mingw] updated tools

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: [mingw] updated tools
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 16:24:41 -0500
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At one point there was some discussion about certain missing programs on mingw/msys:

specifically, join and paste. These programs are now available as an additional download for msys users:
   join, paste, file, mktemp

as well as an updated (1.4.7) version of m4:

In each case, these are meant to be used with the current (1.0.10) Msys/mingw development environment. There is a full update to the msys environment in the works (1.0.11) which will include the complete coreutils (which, in turn, includes join/paste/fold/split) as part of its distribution -- but the 1.0.11 system is only in "snapshot" state right now.

So it seems to me that libtool could now begin assuming the presence of these tools (join/paste), just as it now assumes the presence of autoconf/automake/fold/split/... This may require an additional download on the part of msys-1.0.10 users -- but once 1.0.11 is released not even that will be required.


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