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Re: [3/11] Native MSVC support (msvc-cwrapper)

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Re: [3/11] Native MSVC support (msvc-cwrapper)
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 17:47:36 -0400
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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
Hello Charles, Peter,
In case it wasn't clear, I think this patch should go in sooner rather than later, as it also fixes an existing problem in the cwrapper w.r.t. intptr_t.

I don't mind the patch going in, but isn't
  +# define _stat stat

the wrong way around, or at least superfluous?

You're right, it is the wrong way around. I would suspect also that if it compiles as-is under MSVC, then it is unnecessary. However, from reading the msdn docs, it seems that the correct define:

# define stat _stat

SHOULD be necessary, for both 'stat() ==> _stat()' and 'struct stat ==> struct _stat' usages. Peter, can you clarify?

Cheers, and thanks for the reminder to fast-track this,



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