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Re: unused variable in chase_symlinks

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: unused variable in chase_symlinks
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 21:06:27 -0600
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According to Charles Wilson on 7/22/2007 8:57 PM:
> Well, be very careful in func_emit_cwrapperexe_src(). I worked hard to
> ensure the emitted C code obeys GNU Coding Standards, and I'd hate to
> see that destroyed because Emacs' rules on formatting differ for "shell"
> code.

All I would be doing is killing trailing spaces, and turning space-tab
into tab-space (inside sed regexes) or plain tab (if leading indentation),
which should not affect GNU Coding Standard compliance.  But yes, I'll be
careful, and post what I do.

> OTOH, the lack of consistency (esp. space-tab) throughout ltmain.m4sh
> has bugged me for a while, so I'd welcome improvements in that area.
> P.S. Does CVS m4 actually work on cygwin, now, if you've reached the
> point of worrying about compiler warnings?

'make check' in m4 CVS head has worked under cygwin for some time now.
However, installing with shared libraries preloaded doesn't quite work,
because libtool still installs the module .dlls under libexec, which is
not on PATH, while giving the m4 binary has a hardcoded dependency on
those .dlls.  By Windows rules, a preloaded .dll must be on the PATH (I
can get through the testsuite by adding libexec to my path, or by copying
the built .dll librares into bin alongside m4.exe).  Installing a
static-only build works, as does installing with nothing preloaded.

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