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Re: [PATCH] [cygwin|mingw] Create UAC manifest files.

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Re: [PATCH] [cygwin|mingw] Create UAC manifest files.
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 22:28:56 -0400
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Eric Blake wrote:
> Do we need to worry about deleting *.manifest files at the appropriate
> 'make *clean' level?

Hmm. Yes, the one in the build directory (for the wrapper, or the "real"
exe if building without dependencies on uninstalled DLLs) probably
should be.  The one in .libs/ not so much, because the catchall rm -rf
.libs will take care of it.

>> +            # Create the UAC manifests first if necessary
>> +            case $output_name in
>> +              *instal*|*patch*|*setup*|*update*)
>> +                func_emit_exe_manifest > $cwrapper.manifest
>> +                func_emit_exe_manifest > 
>> $output_path/$objdir/$output_name.exe.manifest
> Would it be more efficient to use tee or cp, rather than two calls to
> func_emit_exe_manifest?

Well, you're not guaranteed to have tee on MSYS.  The current code is
two forks: each function call forks a 'cat' process.  Either of your
proposals is also two forks: one 'cat', and one 'tee' or 'cp'.  So I
don't think it makes much difference.

> Does the .manifest need +x permissions?

I seem to recall that it does, but I'm not sure.


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