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Re: [PATCH, take 4][cygwin|mingw] Control where win32 DLLs get installed

From: Dave Korn
Subject: Re: [PATCH, take 4][cygwin|mingw] Control where win32 DLLs get installed.
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 00:28:30 +0100
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Roumen Petrov wrote:

> The calculation or relative path to dll is based on function XXX_abspath
> that may produce wrong results. 

  No it doesn't.  Like any function, it produces the correct results when
given valid inputs, but if you give it bad input, you get GIGO.  I suggest you
go read the fine manual about the "realpath" and "abspath" functions, because
until you understand the difference between these two functions you're just
wasting everybody's time.  *Your suggestion to use realpath instead of abspath
requires magic or time-travel before it is even possible, which is why I will
waste no time on it.*

> I'm concerned that we can't implement a working portable(cross-platform)
> relative path calculation.

  But that is exactly what I have done.  It works, it is in portable code, it
operates the same on all platforms.  It has an implicit requirement that you
do not pass it a path containing a symlink.  As does *everything else* in

> What is better for "dlname" for installed la-file: absolute or relative path ?

  That you could even ask such a question demonstrates that you don't
understand the subject you are pontificating about.  Go and read up about how
'configure' works and what a "prefix" is.


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