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Re: [PATCH] Add missing sysroot resolution

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add missing sysroot resolution
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2010 10:55:44 +0200
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On 10/09/2010 10:51 AM, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
* Paolo Bonzini wrote on Sat, Oct 09, 2010 at 10:43:12AM CEST:
I'm applying this patch since it's pretty obvious.

Thank you.

Is this fixing (part) of the reported bug?

Lionel pointed us to the patch, so I assumed it fixed all of it. I still haven't built his stuff. It looks really interesting, as does OpenEmbedded, and it's really cool that the sysroot feature is already getting this much exposure. I was worried that it would remain confined in the "unused feature" limbo and would bitrot.

It's also nice because it shows that these people _are_ autoreconfing/relibtoolizing as part of their build systems. It gives me much more confidence on the backwards-compatibility of libtool 2.4!

Do you know how to expose it, so we can cover it in the testsuite?

Not yet, I'll look into it next week. I need to build Lionel's recipe and then distill a testcase.

For future sysroot patches, feel free to also (or first) commit them to
the sysroot branch and merge them to master.

Ok, I was undecided about the status of the sysroot branch.


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