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[patch] allow --with-pic to accept package names

From: Ollie Wild
Subject: [patch] allow --with-pic to accept package names
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 17:29:50 -0500

This is motivated by GCC.  We compile Fortran shared libraries which
must execute on systems with no  The usual approach,
passing --with-pic to configure is undesirable because it reduces the
performance of other static libraries.  Instead, I have modified
--with-pic to accept a list of packages (as --enable-shared does).

This allows us to configure GCC with --with-pic=libgfortran to compile
only libgfortran.a with position-independent code.

All tests pass with and without this change.  I have not added a new
test.  AFAICT, the demo-[no]pic-* tests don't actually check that
-fPIC is used during compilation, and there doesn't appear to be a
comparable test for --enable-shared.  If you would prefer a test for
this feature, please provide suggestions for how to approach this (I
am not familiar with the libtool testing framework).


2010-10-21  Ollie Wild  <address@hidden>

        Modify --with-pic to support per-package configurations.
        * libltdl/m4/libtool.m4:  Modify --with-pic to accept a list of
        package names.  Modelled off --enable-shared.

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