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Re: Creating lock file for compilers that don't support -c -o

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: Creating lock file for compilers that don't support -c -o
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 07:13:34 -0400
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Paul Jarc wrote:
Bob Friesenhahn <address@hidden> wrote:

Creating a symbolic link requires testing for an existing file, and
then (if the file does not exist) creating a new file, and a
directory entry to reference it.  This requires multiple network
transactions with an opportunity for race-conditions.

open() with O_CREAT|O_EXCL also creates a new file, yet that does not
subject it to race conditions.  symlink() has equivalent semantics to
O_CREAT|O_EXCL.  It may be that some network filesystems fail to
preserve the atomicity; I wouldn't know.  But at least for local
filesystems, I don't see any problems with symlinks.

Problem with symlinks, and hardlinks for that matter, is portability. Not all systems support them.


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