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v1.5.27a 'syntax error' in numerous packages

From: snowcrash+libtool
Subject: v1.5.27a 'syntax error' in numerous packages
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 16:47:21 -0700

after upgrading from libtool 1.5.25a to 1.5.27a on osx, i'm seeing the
same libtool-related error in multiple packages.

e.g.,  building both NEON & SWIG, after a recommended (by them, not me)


using 1.5.25a, then

 ./configure ...
 make install

completes without error.

using 1.5.27a, and the same steps,

 ./configure ...

dies with the same error for both packages,

 ./configure: line 4350: syntax error near unexpected token
 ./configure: line 4350: `    _LT_DECL(build_libtool_libs, enable_shared, 0,'

any suggestions as to what to change/fix?  or, drop back again to 1.5.25a?


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