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Re: Incorrect dependency on GLIBC_PRIVATE symbol, who to blame?

From: Kent Boortz
Subject: Re: Incorrect dependency on GLIBC_PRIVATE symbol, who to blame?
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 15:50:01 +0200
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Paolo Bonzini <address@hidden> writes:
> On 10/11/2009 11:41 AM, Kent Boortz wrote:
>>   (F) The linker, it should know about GLIBC_PRIVATE, and search for
>>       non private occurrences first, then if not found do another scan
>>       for private ones?
> No, GLIBC_PRIVATE is not very different from ABC_XYZ from the linker's
> point-of-view. :-)

Yes, thought so.

>>  (A) Red Hat, the "/usr/lib/" should not have ' -lc -lgcc'
>>      as a dependency, those are implicit and should never be in a
>>      ".la", except maybe when building the compiler/linker itself?
> Maybe.  Does hacking the fix it?

Yes it did.

>>  (C) Intel, SuSE has the exact same content of "", but
>>      'postdeps' contains a "-lm" before "-lc", so should icc/icpc "-v"
>>      on Red Hat?
> You accidentally a part of the sentence, but anyway I do not think
> sprinkling -lm's is the right solution.

Yes, I feel the same.

>>  (G) Linux system devs, for defining that symbols twice?
> That's very tricky indeed, but I think that part is fine as long as
> -lc is never given on the command line.

That is part of what I hoped to get an answer to, is it ever right to
list "-lc" and "-lgcc" in the ".la" file 'dependency_libs=...' ?

I would guess you are not supposed to do that, except maybe when
building the compiler/linker itself, libraries "internal" to the
compiler. Maybe the real bug is that there is a "", should
not have been installed? Hmm.... I nevert tried removing it, what
"$CC -v" using icc would list then. But might even require a reinstall
of icc to change the output from "$CC -v".

And if it is ok to have "-lc" and "-lgcc" in 'dependency_libs', should
libtool pick them up an insert them in the middle of a link line?
Maybe it should exclude all libraries "$CC -v" listed when reading

Thank you for your input!


Kent Boortz, Senior Production Engineer
Sun Microsystems Inc., the MySQL team
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