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[Lightning] ANNOUNCE: GNU lightning 2.0.0 released!

From: Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
Subject: [Lightning] ANNOUNCE: GNU lightning 2.0.0 released!
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 15:33:10 -0300

GNU lightning is a library to aid in making portable programs
that compile assembly code at run time.

After significant delay working to ensure bug free and API/ABI
stability, the release is now available.


Download release:

Major highlights since lightning 1.2x are a large set of new
ports.  The matrix of built and tested environments include:

i586 [1]    Linux
x86_64        Linux and Solaris
powerpc [2]    AIX, Darwin and Linux
sparc        Linux and Solaris
arm [3]        Linux
mips [4]    Irix and Linux
ia64        HP-UX and Linux
hppa        HP-UX and Linux
aarch64 [5]    Linux
s390x [6]    Linux

[1] Uses sse instructions by default on i586
[2] 32 bit on AIX and Darwin, 64 bit on Linux
[3] Supports armv4 or newer, arm or thumb instruction set,
    softfp and hardfp
[4] Supports o32 and n32 abi
[5] Built on the Foundation V8 emulator
[6] Built on the Hercules emulator

A large set of test cases has been added so that it can brute
force test a huge amount of code generation combinations.  New
tests can be easily added, to either ensure any regression is
corrected or simply to test conditions where problems may

GNU lightning 2.0.0 has been specially tailored to be used
for translation of bytecode to executable code, or conversion
of any interpreter that uses C switch or GCC computed gotos
to generation of an in memory executable.

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