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Re: two bugs in ties

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: two bugs in ties
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 21:34:08 +0100

Heikki Johannes Junes <address@hidden> writes:

> There are two bugs in the following notations examples. The notation
> below may not be standard (yet), but at least there an opportunity to
> develope it.
> I) <c4 g' e'>~<cis4 gis' e'>

I used:

    \score {
      \context Staff \notes\relative c'' { <c4 g' e'>~<cis4 gis' e'> }

which creates no ties, but also doesn't warn.  The code says:

    we don't warn for no ties, since this happens naturally when you
    use skipTypesetting.  */
which is rather bad, if you ask me.

>  - slurs, for common notes only (?)

(no slurs in this snippet)

>  - sharps (flats, etc.) missing

I get sharps on cis and gis.  Because you say (flats, etc.), maybe
there's something broken with your font setup?  Have you tried running

>  - ties (for midi) in common notes, missing
> II) <c4 g' e'>~<\context Voice = x {<cis4 gis'>} e'> 

When I do:

    \score {
      \context Staff \notes\relative c'' {
        \property Staff.midiInstrument = "flute"
        a4 ~ a a
      \midi {}

ties are fine.

>  - slurs, ok

(no slurs in this snippet)

> Further analysis of the midi output showed that the ties were missing from
> the _first_ chord only in a chord series like:

> chordexamples = \notes \relative c' {
>   <c4 g' e'>~<c g' e'>
>   <c4 g' e'>~<cis4 gis' e'>
>   <c4 g' e'>~<\context Voice = x {<cis4 gis'>} e'>
>   <c e g>~<a cis e g bes>
> }
> \score {
>   \context PianoStaff <
>     \context Staff = upper <
>       \clef treble
>       \context Voice = i { \voiceOne \chordexamples }
>     >
>   >
>   \paper {  }
>   \midi { \tempo 4 = 120 }
> }

Indeed, you found a bug.  Strangely, LilyPond warns about this:

    Interpreting music... warning: No ties were created!:
       <c4 g' e'>~
                  <c g' e'>

    MIDI output to `m.midi'...

Thanks, I'll look into this.  You can kludge around it by adding:

       \notes s 1*0 \chordexamples

> As a conclusion of these examples there are only two bugs:
>  1. midi ties should be included also if a chord starts a
> "\notes"-section


>  2. accidentals (sharp, flats, etc.) should not be omitted

I don't see this?


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