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Re: Duet with Lyrics Problem

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Duet with Lyrics Problem
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 03:10:27 +0200
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Deborah Lowrey wrote:

  I'm doing one of the duets in the Magic Flute. They
are separate staffs (one soprano, the other bass) and
they each have sections with different lyrics (i.e.
one sings then one finished the sentence...). The
lyrics want to have one syllable per measure for both
staffs. I've used "\property Voice.automaticMelismata
= ##t" but it doesn't work that way. I've had no
problem with other music that has one voice. Any
suggestions on how to get this to work?

I don't understand what you mean.
Did you remember to use \addlyrics ? Please send example - because I really don't understand.

  Also, I'm trying to find a way that works so that I
can combine the violoncello with the contrabasso on
the same staff (since most are almost the same with a
few solo exceptions).

What do you mean?
You wan't to get them on different staves when they play different things and the same staff when they play the same things? In this case you would unfortunately have to manually set the break points of the music and manually perform the parcombining, I'm afraid. I think I would do somethink like (untested)
cello =    \notes { g1 a \break s s \break g }
bas =      \notes { c1 d \break s s \break c }
cellobas = \notes { s1 s \break e d \break s }
   \context Staff = cello \cello
   \context Staff = cellobas \cellobas
   \context Staff = bas \bas
   \context Voice < \cello \cellobas >
   \context Voice < \bas \cellobas >

But the fact that the different prints will share linebreaks makes this whole approach a bit unusable... Perhaps one could make a scheme function that removes the break commands from the music... Hmmm, I'll think about this.


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