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Re: ly/

From: Jeremy
Subject: Re: ly/
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 14:24:36 +0200

>> Speaking of complaints, is ly/ linked by any of the docs?
>> It really should be; maybe under "Reference manual details"?

HWN> Good point.

HWN> I think that the contents of the file should somehow also be part of
HWN> the generated documentation, but I realize that that may not be
HWN> practical.

I personally think that this file isn't something you
just expect a user to find. I once did a whole document to explain the
macros in that file, but after finishing -- and going over it -- I
realized it was completely ridiculous to expect someone to find it,
and then perhaps go through it.

Obviously, the property changes should be on the concerned pages,
while putting a strong emphasis on the fact that there are two
different commands for the two different type of slurs.

I think it would genuinely be effective to document \tieUp, etc. in:

Perhaps each time, there could be, in addition, a link to a more
general section documenting the entire file (somebody who's looking
for a way to orient ties, then stumbles on the whole thing -- and is
prepared when he decided to orient stems).

Graham, I'll volunteer on this one *if* you want.


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