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Re: Bug repository UPLOADED!

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Bug repository UPLOADED!
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 17:47:27 +0200
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I suggest to add some information on the procedures also, unless you
want to be the only one to handle these files. If I find a bug, could
I just upload the file to CVS (I have CVS access) or should I send it to
bug-lilypond first, or ...?
Same goes for status changes, when somebody with CVS access thinks he
has fixed a bug.


Erik Sandberg wrote:

Finally it's uploaded. All bugs lie in one big directory; this will probably be changed to something better as soon as we can see exactly what we need.

I wrote a draft to a readme of how its organised now:

Lilypond Bug Repository

Each bug report should have the following form:

1. Each bug has a name, which it uses for file names
(e.g. the bug text-collide has the files,
text-collide.png etc). If the bug is in the convert-ly script,
the name should start with 'convert-ly-'.
2. The first line of the file should be a '%' followed by a
whitespace separated list of properties that this bug has.
Properties include:
crash: The bug causes lilypond to abort with exit code nonzero.
future: The bug is known and will not be fixed in a near future.
critical: The bug should be fixed before the next release.
fixed: Someone beleives that the bug has been fixed. If the
bug-meister agrees that this is true, the bug will be removed from
the repository. The fixer is encouraged to add his signature, e.g. "fixed hwn"
unclear: It is unclear whether this actually is a bug.
[unclear fixed: it is actually not a bug after all.]
3. The second line should contain a \version statement.
4. The file should contain a \header {texidoc = ... } statement
describing the bug.
If any one of 2-4 is not possible to do for some reason (e.g.
if the bug isn't demonstrated with a .ly file, or if it doesn't
occur if those lines are added), then there should be a file
<bug-name>.txt containing that information.


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