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Help with fontify-text

From: Carl D. Sorensen
Subject: Help with fontify-text
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 20:22:53 -0600

As part of my ongoing work with fret diagram markups I need to be able
to create a stencil of text that can be placed at the proper location in
the diagram.

Searching through the code, it appeared that the scheme function
fontify-text would do it.

However, when I tried to do this using ly:paper-get-font to get a font
metric, I got the following errors:

Programming error: Virtual font metric cannot be indexed by ASCII.
(Continuing: crossing fingers)
(One of the above for each character in the string to be placed in the

Warning: lily-guile: Programming error: No such font: ()
(One of these for each call to fontify-text)

Any ideas for how to fix it?

Carl D. Sorensen
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Brigham Young University
435 CTB
Provo, UT 84602 
801-422-6397    FAX 801-422-0516


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