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Re: did shaped note support ever get added?

From: Jonathan Walther
Subject: Re: did shaped note support ever get added?
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 10:31:37 -0800
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On Thu, Nov 18, 2004 at 01:22:43PM -0500, Laura Conrad wrote:
"Jonathan" == Jonathan Walther <address@hidden> writes:

   Jonathan> The important thing with shape notes is that the shape
   Jonathan> be distinct.  The triangle, square, diamond, circle,
   Jonathan> hemisphere, and the other two.

So what are the other two?  And what does the hemisphere mean? I only
know anything about Sacred Harp.

Do - equilateral triangle
Re - half of a circle, straight edge facing up
Mi - diamond
Fa - right angle triangle
So - full circle or oval
La - square
Ti - quarter of a circle, pointy end facing down

You can see a picture here:

I am only interested in the Aiken and Sacred Harp shaped notes.

I could scan some pages from my Aiken shape note hymnal (printed in
1999) if that would help, but as I said before, it isn't beautiful.


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