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Bug in scm/output-pdf.scm?

From: Erlend Aasland
Subject: Bug in scm/output-pdf.scm?
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 17:02:22 +0100


I see that round-filled-box is defined twice in output-pdf.scm. The
last will override the first one, so I assume it is a bug (?).

Here's the first:
(define (round-filled-box breadth width depth height blotdiam)
  (let* ((rad (/ blotdiam 2))
     (h (- height rad))
     (d (- depth rad))
     (w (- width rad))
     (b (- breadth rad)))
    (string-append " 0 J "
           (setlinewidth blotdiam)
           "1 j "
           (moveto (- b) (- d))
           (rlineto (+ b w) 0)
           (rlineto 0 (+ d h))
           (rlineto (- (+ b w)) 0)
           (rlineto 0 (- (+ d h)))
           "b ")))

and here's the last one (this can be removed, right? Or did I miss
something obvious?):
(define (round-filled-box breadth width depth height blot)
  (filledbox breadth width depth height))


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