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invoking Lilypond from a script

From: Kris Shaffer
Subject: invoking Lilypond from a script
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 13:29:24 -0400

Thanks for making such a great product.  I love using Lilypond.  I am
currently working on an applescript app for Mac OS X that will allow a
.ly file to be dragged to a Lilypond icon to create the PDF score
without using the command line.  My hopes is that it will help make
Lilypond more accesible to traditional Mac users.  However, when I
call Lilypond (v. 2.2.5) from the appescript (i.e. do shell script
"/sw/bin/lilypond []"), it outputs the score to / instead
of the directory the source file is in.  I'm wondering if there is a
reason why it would not automatically export to the originating
folder, as it does when I invoke it in the terminal.  Perhaps the
Applescript calling the shell script is the problem?  Let me know if
you know of a reason this may be behaving unexpectedly, or if you need
more information from me.  Otherwise, I will add some extra code and
variables to get around the issue.  Thanks.

Kris Shaffer

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