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Re: lilypond book issues version 2.5.19

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: lilypond book issues version 2.5.19
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 01:08:13 +0200

Op vr, 15-04-2005 te 11:22 +0100, schreef Bernard Hurley:

> When called from lilypond-book, LilyPond does _not_ take care of
> formatting the pages. This is precisely the reason I started using it.
> So that I can have a multi-movement score with fancy headers, table of
> contents, etc. What it does is to break a long score up into several
> snippets each of which is included individually. It would be extremely
> useful to have a macro that added something between these snippets.

This is not quite correct. Lily will do page formatting if you put your
music into a \book block. The .eps files then output represent a full
page, and with appropriate latex trickery, they could be put on a single
page each. 

I don't see why you're so keen on doing everything in LaTeX. If every
system is dumped as a separate .EPS, then it will not be possible to
determine neat vertical spacing and sensible pagebreaks in the final
document. Conversely, it should not be that hard to make lilypond put
barnumbers or rehearsal marks in page headers or footers. The code is
all in scm/page-layout.scm, and can be changed at runtime. 

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