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Re: TextScript

From: Stephen
Subject: Re: TextScript
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 09:06:26 -0500

I think the thing I did not find intuitive is that something called TextScript affects markup. If is was just mentioned under 1.4 Text markup that TextScript affects all text markup, I would have figured that out a lot sooner. Any example that uses TextScript demonostrating that subsequent uses of \markup are affected by it would help a lot, I think.

So I guess I narrowed it down to I would like to see it under 7.4 Text markup.


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Subject: Re: TextScript

On 9-May-05, at 3:17 PM, Stephen wrote:

I think an example should be added to the documentation using TextScript under 5.7.5 Text scripts or 7.4 Text markup or 7.2.1 Common tweaks like this:

\override Voice.TextScript #'padding = #1.2
c4 c8. c16 c4^\markup { \translate #(cons 1.75 0) "Fine" } \breathe
\bar "||"

What does this tweak demonstrate?

- Graham

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