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Re: stretchable systems

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: stretchable systems
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 12:58:15 +0200
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Nicolas Sceaux wrote:

Considering a piece with N-staff systems, with no room on a page for 3
systems, only for two, but with lot of space left, I can't find if it is
possible to automatically enlarge (I hope that this word won't make this
message marked as spam) the space between staves in a system, up to a
certain distance, so that there should be less space between the two

(snip picture)

If this does not exist yet, but is sponsorable, I'm interested.

I'll think about it. Unfortunately, I don't see how we can add this in a "simple" way. Right now, systems are simply formatted, and then output as a stencil. The finished systems are then spread across the pages.

For such a thing to be possible, we have to add another formatting pass, and a mechanism to get the range for vertical extents, instead of the stencils. Then the page breaking is done, and only then, the final shape of a system is determined. Another option is to make stencils stretchable, iow. remember the complete composition of a Stencil, and then have

  Stencil::get_extent (Real stretch_factor, Axis a)

Then, in the end you could do

  interpret_stencil (y_stretch_factor, system)

and the system would be spaced wider in vertical sense. It would be very neat, but it would also make Stencil much more complex (each stencil would carry a spring-and-rod problem inside). Also, I'm not sure yet that this would be good enough to do what you want. It would be neat, because we'd have a way to do more advanced horizontal spacing too: we could space prefatory matter (key/time sig), accidentals, etc. tighter in cramped lines.

Both options would be A LOT of work: between 2 to 6 months full-time work. I guess it will be necessary for good typesetting, but IMO there are currently more pressing problems in the typesetting engine.

Isn't it easier to cook up a hack? We can already stretch systems, with some hairy code. You could do it in a 2 pass process: first determine page breaks and space available, then setup a

  adjustVerticalSpace #FACTOR #SYSTEM-NUMBER

function and  dump

   { \adjustVerticalSpacing #0.5  #1
     \skip 1 * 4 \lineBreak
     \adjustVerticalSpacing #0.5  #2
     \skip 1 * 4 \lineBreak
     \adjustVerticalSpacing #0.5  #3
     \skip 1 * 4 \lineBreak
     \adjustVerticalSpacing #0.75  #4

Voice which you include in the score.

 Han-Wen Nienhuys - address@hidden -

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