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Re: Chapter 10, "output formats" => "global issues"

From: Cameron Horsburgh
Subject: Re: Chapter 10, "output formats" => "global issues"
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 06:03:38 +1100
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Graham Percival wrote:
> I've just made my long-awaited "let's make chapter 10 not suck" update.
>  Sorry to do this so late in the release cycle, but my university has a
> week-long holiday right now.  (and all my assignments and midterms were
> due last week, so it really _is_ a holiday :)
> This is a first draft; comments are very much appreciated, but I'm not
> claiming that the present form is perfect or final.  Take a look when
> .36 comes out.
> Cheers,
> - Graham
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Wow! I've had a quick look, and I like the new structure.

One or two minor things:

10.1.4 There's a line "Easiest to enter such texts is by using a
Unicode-aware editor..." which would be better as "It is easiest [or
perhaps, 'recommended'] to enter such texts by using..."

10.2 Music expressions again

Hmm, I think it would be better to include a link to 2.7 in 10.1.1 or
10.1.2. It's hard enough keeping one set of information up to date,let
alone two. You link to 2.7 in section 4, and that makes sense there.

Of course, you also link to 'File Structure' once or twice in section 4.
I would have to have a good look at what's going on here, but I wonder
if sections 4 and 10 could somehow be combined. They seem to complement
each other quite nicely in some respects.

10.4.2 The entry

    Distance between the top-most music system and the page header."

Isn't this supposed to read "head-separation?"

10.7.1 Creating Midi Files

This isn't actually anything to do with what you've asked, but reviewing
this section has reminded me of a suggestion I've been meaning to make.
There's a bug with dynamics in midi (see
for an explanation.) A note in the docs might help:


Unterminated (de)crescendos will not render properly in the midi file,
resulting in silent passages of music. The workaround is to explicitly
terminate the (de)crescendo.

For example:

{a\< b c d\f}

will not work properly but

{a\< b c d\!\f}


Keep up the good work!


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