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Re: doc problems with \paper and \layout keywords

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: doc problems with \paper and \layout keywords
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 20:16:36 +0100 (CET)

> AFAIK, indent is a \layout thing.  It's included in the example in
> 10.5.3 Score layout.

It works in a \paper block also...

> > . We have keywords `ragged-last' and `ragged-last-bottom' which
> >   appear to do exactly the same according to the descripion.  Why?
> Sorry?  10.4.2 states that ragged-last-bottom affects the spread of 
> systems across the last page in the piece.  10.5.7 states that 
> ragged-last is like ragged-right, but only for the last line of the 
> piece.  Are either of these unclear?

It's not unclear.  One of them is completely redundant!  Anything
within \layout is for the current piece, and anything within \paper is
for the complete document.  We simply don't need two keywords.
`ragged-last' is fully sufficient.

Maybe I'm wrong -- in that case please show me a counterexample.

> > I strongly suggest to unify the documentation of \paper and
> > \layout!  Is there a reason to have them separated?
> The separation is to keep physical stuff (paper size, margins, etc)
> separate from layout (size, spacing, etc).  I thought it made
> sense...  it doesn't look good to you?

Not really.  AFAIK, \layout has two functions, namely to set up local
layout parameters and to set up contexts (with \context).  While doing
the former you can use all (or almost all?) keywords from \paper.

Maybe it makes sense to separate this into two different commands...


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