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Re: gub progress

From: Pedro Kröger
Subject: Re: gub progress
Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2006 20:24:52 -0300
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Johannes Schindelin <address@hidden> writes:

> although you are free to call me an idiot.

no need to do that :-)

> - It does not seem to focus on version control, but on changing the
> order of patches. 

this is kind of true (I don't know enought about darcs to say it's
totaly true)

> - It lacks a nice GUI where I can see what happened in a particular 
> branch. 

me too

> In fact, I am not quite sure that you actually get the whole history,
> what with all the patch reordering.

this is true. the darcs documentation even mention it someplace.

> - The repository format itself is fragile, just as cvs'. It is based on 
> patches, so if there is one single patch corrupt, you loose the history 
> from then on.

hum, I haven't tought of that.

> - git makes it _really_ easy to access older version without checking them 
> out. For example, I can get the differences in lily/ between 
> version 1.3.108 and 2.9.7 with "git diff lilypond_1_3_108:lily/  
> lilypond_2_9_7:lily/".

this is something that's a little bit annoing about darcs.

Thanks for your email. I think I'll give git a try.


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