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fine-tuning vertical skyline order

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: fine-tuning vertical skyline order
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 17:12:36 +0100 (CET)

[git 2006-12-02 23:35]

Consider this:

  \relative c {
    #(set-octavation -1)
    c1\p( | f1) |

  \paper {
    ragged-right = ##t

As shown in the attached image, the octavation is below the piano
sign.  IMHO the opposite should be the default.

Generally I fear that we need more fine-grained tuning possibilities
for grobs than the current object classes (well, this is an assumption
currently, but...).

BTW, I would like to change the default naming from `8va bassa' to
`8ba' since it's shorter.  Objections?


PNG image

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