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Re: translating the pics in the engraving essay

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: translating the pics in the engraving essay
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 18:36:48 +0300
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I got it working now, see attached files (svg is the source, png the compiled version). What do you think, could we make this for the couple of pics that are concerned because they contain some form of text annotation? Han-Wen, do you find the (svg) sources of the files so the relevant pngs can be replaced by svgs? I guess there is also still some changes in the html-pages needed to make it finally working, so the links point to the graphics directory and not to the images directory. Obviously the @.LANG@ part makes the automatic replacement with the language code possible. I compared with the images from switch/howto.html.

I am thinking about: lily14-sarabande-correct.png, bench-morgenlied.png, bear-ledger.png and naive-notation.png. These are all in the automated-engraving essay used. I didn't find anything else where Text would be used in the graphics.


John Mandereau wrote:
Le vendredi 13 avril 2007 à 19:43 +0300, Till Rettig a écrit :

I tried for some hours to change a picture 
(site/images/naive-notation.png) from the website 
(site/about/automated-engraving/...) into an svg image and then let it 
be translated the same way as those pictures of the switch/howto.html. I 
did the following:

creating the notes with lilypond and printing to svg. Adding with 
inkscape the text and brackets. (see attachment, don't mind the 
different name) Then I removed naive-notation.png in the directory 
site/images and created naive-notation.svg in the directory site/graphics
Adding to the newweb.pot the lines:

#:  site/graphics/naive-notation.svg:673
msgid "measures"
msgstr ""

#:  site/graphics/naive-notation.svg:693
msgid "staff"
msgstr ""

where the line numbers a taken from the svg file, where the word appears.

Then I added a translation to the de.po:

#:  site/graphics/naive-notation.svg:673
msgid "measures"
msgstr "Takte"

#:  site/graphics/naive-notation.svg:693
msgid "staff"
msgstr "System"

Did you add entries to the .po manually? :-S  This is a bad idea:
manually added entries are junked when updating the .po's.  Runnning
'make po-replace' should add the entries for new svgs.
Well, so far I added everything manually just for trying out how it works. The make po-replace, it appears to me, replaces the strings for the actual language, and a make de afterworks produced then the translated pngs.

and compiled the website.

Well, I get the files naive-notation.LANG.png in the directory 
out/site/graphics. But they are all the same and won't get translated!

What is the problem here about which I didn't think?

Inkscape write quotes in HTML code (i.e. as ") whereas
buildscripts expect plain ASCII double quotes.  Practically, it means
that .svg files should be edited manually before running 'make
po-replace' and make.
Yes, but only once. ;-)
Btw, the fonts are messed up on my system with some .svg files; here's
attached what I get for the German picture.  It looks the same when I
open the .svg in Inkscape, and I get the same problem with
annotated-demo.svg (from sources).  I symlinked OTF fonts
of LilyPond 2.10 to ~/.fonts, then tried again with 2.11, it changed
some font glyphs in annotated-demo.svg, but it wasn't better.
I copied all the emmentaler fonts to ./fonts and it worked for me: see the png.

PNG image


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