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Re: Feature request: discretionary lyrics

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Feature request: discretionary lyrics
Date: Mon, 07 May 2007 15:31:10 +0200
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I forward this feature request to the developers list. However, since LilyPond is freeware, the best way to get such a feature implemented is to implement it
yourself or make someone else sufficiently interested in the idea to do the


Zoltán Selyem wrote:
Hello all,

Briefly, if you now TeX, I'd like something for Lilypond lyrics which
works like \discretionary{}{}{} in TeX.

Explanation from The TeXbook:
"A discretionary break consists of three sequences of characters
called the pre-break, post-break, and no-break texts. The idea is that
if a line break occurs here, the pre-break text will appear at the end
of the current line and the post-break text will occur at the
beginning of the next line; but if no break occurs, the no-break text
will appear in the current line."


Some Hungarian words change their spelling when they are hyphenated.
(I think this happens with other languages too. Maybe with German?)

An example: the word "asszony" (= woman) will be "asz -- szony" when
hyphenated. But if I write "asz -- szony" in the lyrics and the two
syllables are close to each other I get "aszszony", which is wrong.

(In TeX, I could write this:    a\discretionary{sz-}{sz}{ssz}ony  )

It would be nice if I could tell Lilypond to write "asz -- szony" if
there is enough space for the hyphen; and write "asszony" if the
hyphen is removed.

Thank you,


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