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Re: Texinfo 4.11 required [Re: Autotester: FAIL make -f lilypond.make LI

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Texinfo 4.11 required [Re: Autotester: FAIL make -f lilypond.make LILYPOND_BRANCH=master doc-build]
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 11:20:47 -0800
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Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:

Especially when we try to get more users to contribute to the
This is not a problem for GDP.  Trust me, I wrap my helpers in cotton.
They don't even need to make their own diffs or find the source files

But they can't build anything without building texinfo themselves...

Ten weeks of documentation work disagrees with you.

AFAIK, _none_ of the people working on GDP can build the docs themselves. (actually, Eyolf might be doing this)

Here's what they do:
1)  Download source file from GDP website.
2)  Edit .tely file as a text file.
3)  Send file to me.
4)  Wait until 2am UTP.
5)  Look at docs on
6)  Go back to step 1, repeat.

I take care of getting the right version of the source file to them, making the diffs, making sure their edited (UNTESTED) files still compile, committing to git, and uploading.

BTW, I have experience working on the docs like this myself -- except that in my case, I had a two-week turnaround (ie waiting until the next devel version was released), instead of a one-day turnaround.

We just can't ask windows users to install cygwin, git, texinfo (any version), etc etc. I also don't want to require that OSX or linux people do the whole git thing, either. If somebody wants to fiddle with that, I'm happy to help them with the steps... but they'd need to spend a whole week getting that stuff set up, and that's not the way to encourage people to work on the docs.

- Graham

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