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Bad error message

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Bad error message
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 14:48:34 +0100

Hello. The following score


 acordes = \chordmode { f/a4 }

 letra = \lyricmode { Deck }

 musica = \relative c' { \key f \major


  \header { title = "Deck the Hall" }

     { <<  \new ChordNames \acordes

                           { \musica }


                           { \letra }   >> }


Results in:

In procedure construct-chord in expression (scm-error (quote
chord-format) "construct-chord" ...):
Spurious garbage following chord: #<Pitch f' >

This is a very poor error message, IMO. You don't know where is the
problem in your score.

Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain)

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