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Cue notes and vocal voices

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Subject: Cue notes and vocal voices
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 03:02:57 +0100
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I already sent this to the user list, too, but got no response...

In the piece that I'm currently typesetting, the conductor now also wants 
lyrics on the cue notes, so I need to add lyrics to the cue notes (idea taken 

Unfortunately, the documentation about cue notes is not very good, and there 
are hardly any useful snippets or regression tests for cue notes with lyrics.

How can I create cue notes with the correct lyrics attached?

Attached is a stripped-down example of the issues that I'm encountering in my 
attempts and that I need to solve (I'm creating the orchestra material for a 
concert in two weeks...).

In particular, the problems are:
-) The lyrics of the first cue notes start only on the second note!
-) The second cues don't have any lyrics any more.
-) How can I use the lyrics from the same position as the cue notes? 
     I.e. 'E F G H' and 'O P Q R S T' in the example 
-) Cue lyrics should be on the same line (but smaller) than the main lyrics

Does anyone have an idea how to overcome these issues? 

Thanks a lot,
Reinhold Kainhofer, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
email: address@hidden,
 * Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, TU Wien,
 * K Desktop Environment,, KOrganizer maintainer
 * Chorvereinigung "Jung-Wien",

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