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Re: reverted automatic-verison-number

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: reverted automatic-verison-number
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 22:37:40 +0100

Le jeudi 28 février 2008 à 12:38 -0800, Graham Percival a écrit :
> On Thu, 28 Feb 2008 12:09:04 -0800
> Graham Percival <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Anyway, here's a much more useful bug log failure.  makeinfo --html
> > appears to work perfectly, but texi2pdf fails.  (?!?!)

Makeinfo is a program written in C, which produces HTML and Info output,
and always produces meaningful messages.  PDF docs are built with
texi2dvi, a shell script which calls pdfetex (an implementation of TeX),
which itself reads texinfo.tex in order to be able to interpret Texinfo
and write a PDF output file.  texinfo.tex is a complex set of TeX
macros, it's only related with makeinfo in the sense that it is intended
to interpret the same Texinfo syntax.

We use our own copy of texinfo.tex in sources (in tex/) to build all
Lily PDF docs.

> Sorry, ignore that email.  Changing to the packaged texinfo-4.11
> works; I think I screwed up the texinfo.tex installation.
> This is not my day.

This is not mine either :-p.  Yesterday, I tried to update texinfo.tex
to latest version in Lily sources, and I got a failure when building
lilypond-learning.pdf.  I just spent one hour and a half trimming down
out-www/*.texi files to a minimal example reproducing the problem, and
sent to bug-texinfo.

I won't merge dev/jmandereau into master until all these issues
(texinfo.tex update, @version macro and other changes I made) are fixed
and tested.

A small fun last note: I find it strange that you have got no failure
with @version enabled in Spanish docs :-)


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