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Re: Press Inquiry: LilPond

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: Press Inquiry: LilPond
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008 15:43:21 -0300

[+ lily-devel]

Hi there,

Sorry for not responding earlier.  Gmail put your message into the SPAM box.

You don't need anyone's permission to distribute LilyPond, but I am
totally fine with it anyway.

There are just a couple of caveats. Due complicated technical issues
we don't have a native version that works on intel MacOS 10.5
reliably.  There is a powerpc version, and an intel version which only
works for 10.4.

Also, there is the question whether you should include the 2.11 series
(development) or 2.10 (stable) version, and if you want to include the
documentation (it's available as .tar.bz2 file from our website).  I
think the 2.11 release is stable enough to include, but please do give
a heads-up so you don't happen to distribute that one release that
happened to be broken.

We typically have multiple releases for 2.11 per month, so anything
you include will be a bit stale by the time the magazine comes out. It
might be helpful to point your readers to our website.

Please use the list (CC-d) for inquiries, you can use this address to
post to the list

and this to read:

2008/2/27, Douglas Kraul <address@hidden>:
> Greetings!
>  My name is Douglas Kraul – I'm a writer for Computer Music magazine.
>  We're currently working on a Special issue about Freeware, where we're
>  recommending our favourite free software and showing readers how to
>  use it to produce great music.
>  We are considering including LilyPond as part of our chosen selection.
>  That being the case, would you grant us permission to include this
>  software on our covermounted disc?
>  In exchange, it would receive a glowing recommendation inside the
>  magazine and we would promote your name and website to our very
>  focused readership.
>  The magazine will be available in the UK from 18 June, Europe from 25
>  June and North America from 16 July, for two months.
>  I look forward to hearing from you either way, and please let me know
>  if you have any questions. Thanks for your time.
>  Best regards,
>  Doug
>  Douglas Kraul
>  Computer Music magazine

Han-Wen Nienhuys - address@hidden -

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