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Re: Multiple copies of LilyPond in Windows

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: Multiple copies of LilyPond in Windows
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 11:37:29 +0100

Valentin Villenave wrote
Actually, I was mainly referring to the installing/uninstalling
process: on Windows, for instance, such a thing would be practically
impossible (the installation takes ages, and the uninstall is even

I have been trying to use symlinks to have several different LilyPond
installations and switch between them, but it remains quite painful --
especially since I am using both GUB shars (stable and unstable) and
home-made compilations for my opera (because I need the accidental
code from Rune's branch).

For some time, I've even been using different user accounts, to have
2.10 in /home/stable/bin and 2.11 in /home/unstable/bin!

It's quite easy to have several versions of LilyPond one account in Windows. All you need to do is rename the old LilyPond directory before installing the new version. To recover an old version for use then needs just two directory renames. Dead easy! I rename the old directories with the version number, like this: "LilyPond 1.10.33-1", then I can easily select the version I want. At the moment I have five versions available.

Renaming directories rather than uninstalling/reinstalling will lose any local additions, which are preserved by uninstall, so you may need to copy these over if you have any.



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