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Re: texi2html status

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Subject: Re: texi2html status
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 17:15:17 +0200
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Am Samstag, 24. Mai 2008 schrieb Graham Percival:
> What's the status of the texi2html output?
> 1)  Are there any remaining bugs or missing features in texi2html
> that we'd like to see?  

Not that I'm aware of. Of course, there remain some issues with Lilypond's doc 
system, so we might still stumble upon unexpected issues.

> 2)  Are there any remaining technical issues with our build system
> (ie translations)?

The main problem, already explained by John: Since we will have multiple 
subsections in one file, the links won't be that easy, because you can no 
longer defer the file name from the link name. So I suppose, there would need 
to be a first run with our own script, extracting the docs hierarchy and 
maybe already generating file names for each section (some unnumbered 
sections will have the same file name). After this has been done for all our 
documentation, we can then run texi2html on the files and use the section <=> 
filename map from the first run to determine the file name for each of the 
sections of the texinfo document, as well as the target file names for links.

One thing, which we need to change in the current texi2html build is the text 
of cross-manual links. Currently they are:
"The \figuremode mode simply stores the numbers and  FiguredBass 
section ‘FiguredBass’ in Internals Reference context prints them as entered."
i.e. the IR link to FiguredBass is formatted as "<a href=..>FiguredBass</a> 
section 'FiguredBass' in Internals Reference". I suppose we only want "<a 
href=...>FiguredBass</a>" in all cases, right? Should be easy to change....

The other thing that is still missing is proper support for IE (since 
Microsoft completely messed up support for the position: absolute CSS 
property...). In the worst case (which I hope to prevent, of course), in IE 
the yellow area will scroll with the page and not be fixed. 
But if you do the announcement / RFC on the -user list, please tell them that 
support for IE is not there yet, but will be implemented before the release. 
Currently, users should use a different browser for their comments.

> 3)  If the answer to the previous two is `no', when is a good time
> to start discussing the silly aesthetic issues on -user?  (ie "I
> don't like that color" or "the fonts are too small")

Or: "I don't like the general page layout" etc.

I think we can do that any time. There will be lots of more or less 
usefull/useless comments, of which we have to pick out the productive ones 
and apply them.

> - we need to have at least one CSS person with git access with
> free time when this happens, so if everybody is finishing their
> operas or publishing or classes or whatever, we should wait a few
> weeks even if there's no technical issues.

Will there ever be a good time when people have more than enough time? I don't 
think so. 


PS: Right now I'm merging master into the dev/texi2html branch and updating 
the copy on I'll also run the 
linkchecker once this is done, so we have a current list of dangling links in 
the texi2html branch (which is more or less the same as master).

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