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RE: Membership request for group GNU LilyPond Music Typesetter

From: Johannes Schindelin
Subject: RE: Membership request for group GNU LilyPond Music Typesetter
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 07:08:39 +0100 (BST)
User-agent: Alpine 1.00 (DEB 882 2007-12-20)


On Fri, 13 Jun 2008, Carl D. Sorensen wrote:

> ________________________________________
> From: Johannes Schindelin address@hidden
> Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 2:40 PM
> To: Carl D. Sorensen
> Cc: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: Membership request for group GNU LilyPond Music Typesetter
> >[please Cc: me, even if I am subscribed to this list; I will more likely
> >miss your mail within the 200+ mails I get every day.]
> Sorry, I didn't have your email anymore, so I was replying from Gmane.
> I haven't figured out how to reply to other than the list from Gmane.

Fair enough.  I try to look out for your emails, but don't be mad at me if 
I miss one.

> >On Fri, 13 Jun 2008, Carl D. Sorensen wrote:
> >
> >> Johannes Schindelin <Johannes.Schindelin <at>> writes:
> >>
> >> > The easiest way would be to fetch the csorensen fork into your local
> >> > repository:
> >> >
> >> >     $ git remote add repo \
> >> >             csorensen <at>
> >>
> >> I tried this, but I had problems.
> >>
> >> First, my username at is carl_sorensen.  I then typed the
> >> follwing command:
> >>
> >> $  git remote add csorensen-git \
> >>       address@hidden:/srv/git/lilypond/csorensen.git
> >>
> >> This created the remote repo csorensen-git, as expected.
> >> (Incidentally, how do you delete a remote repository?  I created one
> >> named repo when I just copied your command above, and I'd like to delete
> >> it).
> >
> >I thought "git remote rm csorensen" would succeed...
> >
> Apparently not.  I don't really want to remove the remote repo, I just 
> want to undo the "git remote add" command.

"git remote" will not really work on a remote repository.  It will work on 
the tracking branches associated with a remote repository.

And if you have a new-enough Git, "git remote rm csorensen" will just 
remove the tracking branches and the settings in the config, just as you 

> >You need to configure your ssh to use the correct private key.  Something
> >like
> >
> >       Host
> >                User carl_sorensen
> >                IdentityFile /home/sorensen/.ssh/id_rsa.repo
> >
> >into your $HOME/.ssh/config.  Of course, you have to put in the correct
> >path to your private key.
> >
> Thanks for the help.  I have created a .ssh/config file, with an entry 
> as you suggested. I checked to make sure that the SSH key was correct.  
> I tried again to fetch, without success. I got the same error -- it 
> asked me for a password.

You said that you gave a password when creating the private/public key 
pair.  So this is expected.  The difference should be that this time, it 
is not aking you for the password, but ssh for the private key.

Unfortunately, you did not paste any output, so I cannot tell.
> I tried using slogin to connect to  No luck with that, 
> either.

With slogin, should tell you that it is not a login shell:

$ slogin address@hidden
fatal: What do you think I am? A shell?
                                       Connection to closed.

> I created a new project, just to see if I had ruined something on the 
> fork.  I can't fetch that project either.  Apparently my ssh is still 
> not working properly, as I continue to be asked for a password on 

As I said, I think that this is another password you are asked for.  In 
general, I do not give my private keys (that I use only on very few, 
trusted machines) password, so that I am spared that hassle.

> Here is my .ssh/config file:
> Host
> User carl_sorensen
> IdentityFile /home/carl/.ssh/id_rsa

Looks obviously correct.

> here is a listing of the .ssh directory:
> address@hidden .ssh]$ ls -alF
> total 48
> drwx------  2 carl carl 4096 2008-06-13 20:22 ./
> drwx------ 36 carl carl 4096 2008-06-13 20:22 ../
> -rw-------  1 carl carl   71 2008-06-13 18:47 config
> -rw-------  1 carl carl 1743 2008-06-13 11:13 id_rsa
> -rw-r--r--  1 carl carl  408 2008-06-13 11:13
> -rw-r--r--  1 carl carl  470 2008-06-13 18:48 known_hosts


> Can you give me any suggestions about how to troubleshoot my connection 
> problem?

Try the password you gave when creating the ssh keys.  That should work.


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