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Re: Feature request: German chord names

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: Feature request: German chord names
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 21:51:08 +0300
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Bertalan Fodor schrieb:
I think in this way this is a bad practice 
Well, it is also not really logical/good practice to have the major be the main function
(with no modifier)
and the minor then with a modifier. It is always a bit difficult to explain people that their
habits are bad and they should switch to something else.
In general I would agree that there is much bad practice met around the world -- on this
particular example I don't have any opinion.
and I wouldn't call it German tradition.
So you mean it is wider spread?
The best traditional practice is to use small letter and the quality mark together: hm
What about giving people the possibility to use both forms? If the hm-form would be adopted,
it almost demands that there first be a h-form.

The users would like to be able to make a minor chord print the chord 
name as a small letter, and a big letter for the major chord, e.g.
C maj would be C and C min would be c.
This has some tradition in German Lead sheet music.


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