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Re: (attn doc team) Re: Diatonic notation system

From: Graham Breed
Subject: Re: (attn doc team) Re: Diatonic notation system
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 09:01:47 +0800

2008/12/10 Graham Percival <address@hidden>:

> You'll want to pay special attention to ly/, and make
> sure you understand everything that's happening in there.

I found it!  There's some stencil stuff which looks interesting, but
otherwise it doesn't do very much -- the tuning comes from somewhere

I can demonstrate the bug with that file though.  Here's an example:

\version "2.11.65"
\include ""

melody = \relative {
  \key re \bayati
  do re mi fa sol la si do

\score {
  \new Staff \melody
  \layout { }
  \midi { }

It fails with

Interpreting music... warning: No ordering for key signature alterations

  \key re \bayati
Preprocessing graphical objects...
Interpreting music...
In procedure ly:book-process in expression (process-procedure book
paper ...):
Wrong type (expecting exact integer): -3/2

Removing the \midi{} line fixes it.  Similarly, removing the \midi{ }
from Hans's file fixes that.  So it's not that it works with
quartertones but not other inflections.  It looks like it doesn't work
with any pitch-bent MIDI.

                           t'other Graham

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