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Re: Frogs: oldaddlyrics in

From: Andrew Wilson
Subject: Re: Frogs: oldaddlyrics in
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 00:16:40 +0000

HI Carl,

You keep saying that we don't need to build because
the lily files and the scheme files are interpreted and
are loaded at runtime.  If we're working in a copy of
the GIT repository then it won't have a binary to run.
If we work in a downloaded binary distribution then
the changes aren't going to be in the GIT working
directory and we'll have to produce the patch
ourselves or try to remember everything we changed
and port it into the GIT working folder.  Am I missing
something fundamental?  It's just that it seems to
me that not having a buildable copy of the source is
likely to involve an awful lot of faffing about.

2009/1/5 Carl D. Sorensen <address@hidden>

On 1/5/09 3:40 PM, "Ian Hulin" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Carl,
> \oladdlyrics is on my to-do list of undocumented functions.
> \oldaddlyrics is the deprecated version of \addlyrics.
> Should I remove the oldaddlyrics entry and add in one for \addlyrics so
> this one is included in the docs, or just put a note that oldaddlyrics
> is retained only in order to retain backwards compatibility?

I'd recommend that you keep the oldaddlyrics entry, and make sure it
mentions that it is deprecated.

Hmm -- I don't know why addlyrics is not included.  Could you do some
sleuthing on addlyrics and see where it is?  It may be that it isn't a
music function anymore; this documentation process is only for music
functions, IIRC.

> How do I commit my changes to git once I've finished them if I'm working
> on a Windows-only system? Do I need to add dual-boot for Linux to my
> machine to do this?  (I'm downloading Wubi now.)

First, you need to understand that you will only commit to your local
repository.  You don't have access to commit to the savannah repository.

To commit, you will need to use whatever version of git commit works on your

On mine, (Mac OSX) and on Linux, I type

git commit -a

which opens up an editor window (in vim, by default).

I type an i to get vim in insert mode, then type the commit message
for the commit.

When I'm done with the commit message, I type <Esc> followed by :wq, which
writes the changes and exits the editor.  The commit is then made by git.

It is also possible to put the commit message on the git command line, and
avoid the whole editor thing.  You can see this possibility by Googling for
git commit.

Once you've committed the changes, you can get a patch with the command

git format patch

You do not need to add dual-boot to use git to make patches.  The reason
that Andrew needed Linux was because he wanted to be able to compile
LilyPond.  The compilation tools are all built on Linux and work easiest
from there.

For changes only to .ly files or .scm files, it is not necessary to compile
LilyPond.  All those files are loaded at runtime.

Thanks for the question.  It's a good one.


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